Rallies and Clinics How To Join in The Fun


Sign up for Year 2023 our 6th year !

If you could not attend the Join up Day pleas email us for a Membership form or download it below.

Email and register your interest.

Send your payment to BSB 633000 ACC 163 868 862

Memberships are $160

Rallies are $50 Members $75 Non

Rally registrations how to

There are  normally 32 rally riding spots. Members Cost $50 Non Members $75

To Register Please Pay to BSB 633 000   Account# 163 868 862. then send Email to with Receipt and level you would like to ride at. By the Friday one week before the Rally! A return email with confirmation & group times will be sent to you by the Friday before Rally.

NON MEMBERS As Above Download the Day membership including Waiver form here Day Membership Form 2023 EWA Waiver(3) 


The fee always entitles riders to two group lessons (max 5 riders per group), comprising of one Dressage one Maneability (obstacles) and other options available at each rally.

In 2023 options on offer at specific rallies that will include Garrocha handling and Ground Pole work. We have a Navigation and speed clinic, a Dressage Clinic, and a Garrocha Lancing and Dancing Spanish theme Clinic, Cattle Clinics (at other venues). Musical Freestyle tests for fun and Formation riding fun…. What a year we have planned!

Training Levels 2023

Levels Pg. 1

Levels Pg. 2

Levels Pg.3

IMPORTANT TO READ Closing dates for Registrations are normally the Friday  week before the rally. Once this date is past, the instructors will have been confirmed and we are therefore committed to paying them. For this reason there can be no refunds after the closing date without a veterinary or medical certificate. All horses must be 4 years old and over. Nominations will only be accepted if accompanied by proof of payment of the fee. If you and your horse are first timers (at WEQ) let us know and we will put you in an appropriate class. You might be at a higher level at ARC or other clubs but it is wise to begin at the beginning at WEQ in order for your horse and yourself to get acquainted with the obstacles. Please note! arrive early enough to help set up or pack up the dressage arenas and the obstacles, please keep the grounds tidy and help us clean the indoor and outdoor facilities after our use. (whatever you are physically able to do to help on the day will be appreciated). We are a horse riding community and help each other so to make a great day for everyone, Thank you!


If a participant cancels prior to the closing date (2 weeks prior to the event),  a refund will be issued. 

If a participant wishes to cancel after the closing date, no refunds will be given unless a replacement participant is found due to the need to cover the higher costs of clinics. 

At the completion of the event, the committee reserves the right to review all cancellations where supporting evidence, such as a vet/doctor’s certificate is provided, and make a decision if a refund or partial refund can be applied under the circumstances to those participants.  Supporting evidence, such as vet/doctor’s certificate must be presented within 7 days of cancellation or it will not be accepted. The committee’s decision will be final.


If a participant cancels prior to the closing date, a refund will be given. If a participant wishes to cancel after the closing date, a 50% refund will be given upon presentation of supporting evidence, such as a vet/doctor’s certificate. The supporting information, must be presented within 7 days of cancellation or it will not be accepted.


If a member books into a rally and withdraws prior to closing date, (closing date is 7 days before the rally), a full refund will be given.

If a member books into a rally and withdraws after the closing date, a full refund will NOT be given UNLESS THERE IS supporting evidence, such as a vet or doctor’s certificate. 

If withdrawing on the Friday/Saturday prior to the rally or on the morning of the rally please contact the Rally Coordinator

TEXT CRISSY 0417177482 Thank you

Cancelled Bookings:  Monies owing from cancelled rallies will be credited to the member’s account. Monies can be carried over the next rally only if both parties agree.

Refunds: Refunds will only be available for 7 days after the rally date so all paperwork ie account details need to be emailed to us to enable this to happen.