What a great year! but its Almot over untill 2022!

Our last 2021 event is the

END of YEAR FUN DAY and AGM November 21st.

Members only event

For 2022……. Dates will be announced following the AGM

New Memberships are welcome any time! Just head to the memberships page from the menu button

Rallies How To Join in The Fun


There are  normally 32 riding spots. Cost $50

Please Pay to BSB 633 000   Account# 163 868 862.

Please send Email with Receipt and state the level you would like to ride at.

Email to

A return email with confirmation & group times will be sent by the Friday before Rally


Cost is $75 for casual members.( Day Member)

Download the Day membership including Waiver form here

Day Membership Form 2021 inc EWA Waiver(3) 

Register your interest and if there is a spot available you will be notified.

A return email with confirmation & group times will be sent by the Friday before Rally

IMPORTANT TO READ Closing dates for Registrations are normally the Friday  week before the rally. Once this date is past, the instructors will have been confirmed and we are therefore committed to paying them. For this reason there can be no refunds after the closing date without a veterinary or medical certificate. Horses must be 4 years old and over.Nominations will only be accepted if accompanied by proof of payment of the fee. If you and your horse are first timers (at WEQ) please try attend a Orientation/ have a go day, or let us know and we will put you in an appropriate class. You might be at a higher level at ARC or other clubs but it is wise to begin at the beginning at WEQ in order for your horse and yourself to get acquainted with the obstacles.


The fee entitles riders to two group lessons (max 5 riders per group), one dressage and one obstacle class. Or when available, a garrocha, mechanical cow or groundwork lesson plus either Obstacle or Dressage.

  • Intro: walk & trot only (obstacle & dressage) & horses in hand
  • Intro/Prelim: walk, trot & some canter, beginning lateral movement, all ridden.
  • Prelim/DebW: walk, trot, canter, established basic lateral
  • DebW & above: at least beginning simple changes, & shoulder in, quarters in, & leg yield in trot

Here is a Pdf explaining  Grading and levels anwe-grading-4(1)

Down load For 2021 (All Year) MEMBERSHIP PACK   Member Pack 2021 inc 2021 EWA Waiver(3)

Please note You are expected to arrive early enough to help set up or pack up the Arenas and obstacles and or help tidy the grounds and or facilities, (whatever you are physically able to do will be appreciated). We are a horse riding community and help each other so to make a great day for everyone, Thank you!