If you would like to be part of SDWE

And have fun riding working Equitation why not join us! We love new members and are a very relaxed friendly bunch! All types of horses and riders can do it! Think of it as dressage with obstacles a fun way to train your horse and desensitize them to objects. In hand or ridden we don’t mind! Horses become focused and willing to work when they have a job to do. Really great for nervous riders or just people wanting to get back into riding! Bit-less bridles and all types of saddles are ok! ( No bareback pads or bareback riding though and no rope halters as bridles) Horses must be 4 years and over. Riders from 14years and up.

Popular with Guys and Gals this horse sport is for everyone!

2022 Memberships

If you would like to Join us in 2022 please feel free to email or call for more info. To register your interest

The yearly membership fee is $160.00

Here is the link to the newest forms

Non ridden memberships are $10.00

Members rally fee is $50 per rally

A “day/casual” membership fee is $75 per rally

Here is the link to the latest form

For further information contact or call Crissy on 0417 177 482