Founded in 2018, ‘SDWE’ as we call it, is located at The Magenup Equestrian Centre,

302 De Haer Road, Wandi, in the southern suburbs of Perth.

The aim is,  to connect riders wanting to enjoy a horse sport that is varied and interesting for both the horse and the rider. The sport has its grass roots in classical dressage and is all about training the horse to become a harmonious working partner.

If you would like to have a go at classical dressage, riding obstacles, garrocha work and cattle herding skills, and more then join us!

We welcome anyone over the age of 13 who wants to learn and participate in working equitation. And horses must be 4 years of age.

Western or English and other types of tack are acceptable but must comply with the ANWEL rule book and helmets are compulsory when riding at Magenup.

We  hold rallies and clinics and practice days. See our events page.

Rallies are held once a month on Sundays. See our rally info here… Events & Rallies

Our Rallies are at 302 De Haer Drive Wandi at the Magenup Equestrian Centre and the grounds are run by the Magenup management committee.

Please read these rules as we must adhere to the rules in order to use the grounds. Thank you, here they are; Magenup – rules

And our SDWE rules  Club Rules v1 Jan 2019

The SDWE Committee; our AGM 2020 is on  Nov 15th at Magenup 1.30 pm after the fun day proceedings.

Office bearers

President: Crissy Coletta

Vice President: Jenny Lemessurier

Secretary: Lisa McDonald

Treasurer: Margaret Marshall

Committee Members

Sarah Adams

Anne Hughes

Sonia Hogermeer

Sheryl Elliot

Samantha Soltoggio

Marg, Jenny and Swanny, Lisa and Rojo, Sonia and Lady, Anne and Chrome Crissy Mac Sacha, Liz, Lisa and our lovely new Bridge!